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an important custom was the smoking of the peace pipe

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Q: What were the tribal customs and celebrations the Cheyenne had?
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What was the tocobagos tribal celebrations?

please answer

What kind of celebrations did the Cheyenne have?

The Sun Dance

What were the mound builders customs or celebrations?


Frances customs and celebrations?

Mardi Gras, L'anniversaire.

What are some Cheyenne and Hopi traditions and customs?


What are some important holidays or celebrations in Afghanistan?

kabul tribal area hehhehe

When did the Cheyenne tribe die?

The Cheyenne or Tsêhéstáno tribe never died. There are two federally recognized Cheyenne peoples - the Northern Cheyenne, generally located in Montana and the Southern Cheyenne of Oklahoma. However, Cheyenne can be found all across America.

What 3 customs did the mowak Indians celebrate?

i think they ply games for celebrations

What did a Cheyenne tribal meal consist of?

I think they eat deer,fish,fruit,corn,squash and beans

What are some Ojibwa customs?

well i dont know if this will help but they do have a celebrations called powwows

What are some customs associated with Easter celebrations in spanish speaking countries are?

easter sunday

What are the Seminoles customs?

The Seminoles customs include the women wearing many bead necklaces. Storytelling that included tribal lore and the Green Corn Dance were other customs of the Seminoles.