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Mardi Gras, L'anniversaire.

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Q: Frances customs and celebrations
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What were the mound builders customs or celebrations?


What are Frances customs?

never tellu

What 3 customs did the mowak Indians celebrate?

i think they ply games for celebrations

What were the tribal customs and celebrations the Cheyenne had?

an important custom was the smoking of the peace pipe

What has the author Frances Moffett written?

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What are some Ojibwa customs?

well i dont know if this will help but they do have a celebrations called powwows

What are some customs associated with Easter celebrations in spanish speaking countries are?

easter sunday

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What celebrations customs and beliefs did the plains Cree Indians live in?

The celebrations the Cree had where parties where they did the dance now known as the chicken dance, and smoked the party pipe. they did not do the chicken dance. -2w4f56

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