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they didn't have any berrys

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Q: Where did the Inuits get the berries?
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What was the Inuits region?

The Inuits region is Canada, Alaska, and the Artic

What food did the Mackenzie Inuits eat?

The Mackenzie Inuit ate a wide variety of different foods. These include raw meat, eggs, fish, berries, roots, stems, and seaweed.

What do eskimo's do for fun?

Eskimo's, preferably called Inuits, mostly hunt as they think that hunting is their main job and they have an all meat diet which is supposed to keep them warm, but they do eat some berries. Hope it helped.

Where the Inuits lived?

The Inuits live in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.

What did the Inuits use?

The Inuits use Inuit medicine. This is reatrted

Do Inuits play with killer whales?

No. Inuits do not play with killer whales.

What did the Inuits use for clothing?

The Inuits used animal skins for clothing.

What medicine did the Inuits use?

The Inuits use Inuit medicine. This is reatrted

Do the Inuits like to eat cheese?

no they dont

Who did the Inuits trade with?

They traded with other Inuits that were close by.

Did the Inuits have many resources?

Yes, the Inuits have many resources all around them.

What languages are spoken by Caribou Inuits?

Inuktitut and English are the major languages of Caribou Inuits.