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Legend has it the Lord Mayor of London made the requirement in June of 1665 that all graves by made at least six feet deep in order to limit the spread of the plague.

To add on to this answer it my also be that every winter or spring when everything melted or the rain started to come the ground would get soggy and the water that seeps down in the ground would push the coffin up and out of the burial area

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Because if there is a flood, the body wont resurface.

Although many do not know this, in Latin history, children were buried 6 feet underground to prevent them from becoming undead. Many believe this to be myth. The tradition has grown, until no one seems to know why we bury or cremate or etcetera our dead. This might be true, it might possibly be false.

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The specific depth of 6 feet is an arbitrary figure; anything in that approximate range would accomplish the same objectives. The original purpose of burial is to avoid attracting scavengers to eat the corpse, and to prevent the odor of decay from reaching the surface. A shallow burial does not accomplish those objectives as efficiently.

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so nobody can get you and also you rot faster

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Q: Why do you get buried 6 foot under?
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