What are Four Lokos?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Four Loko is an alcoholic drink sold by Phusion Projects of Chicago, Illinois and originally marketed (2005) as an energy drink. The "Four" main ingredients are alcohol, caffeine, laurine and guarana. It can be bought as 12, 16 or 24 proof and it comes in 17 different fruit flavors, and there are reserve flavors marketed for limited periods of time.

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Q: What are Four Lokos?
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Are four lokos banned in pa?


What happens when you drink four lokos?

You will feel type wavy but not drunk.

Do four lokos give you memory loss?

yes this has been proven on several occasions by Chelsea!

What is alcohol content of Loco beer?

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When are four lokos officially banned?

Four Loko was banned in some states in the United States in 2010, due to its high alcohol content and mixing of alcohol with caffeine. The ban led to Four Loko reformulating its recipe to remove caffeine.

Can you freeze four lokos?

You can freeze them for no more then two hours. They can not be left more then two hours, or they will blow up because of the low percentage of alcohol, the other things that make up the Four-Loko can freeze, and in turn will explode or leak.

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How long does 4 lokos stay in your system?

FOREVER.... or until you get a concussion from falling out of a tree you stupidly climbed.

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