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Because a coffee bean is a solid.

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Q: Why can't i drink coffee bean?
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What kind of coffee does Ashley Tisdale drink?

Coffee bean.

Can you drink coffee while taking coffee bean extract?

No i can not because more coffee will make drink bad

What exactly is coffee and espresso?

Coffee is a type of bean that is often roasted and brewed to make into a hot drink. Espresso is not a type of drink, it is a way of brewing the coffee.

Brazil produces the bean for one of the world's favorite drinks what is the drink?

The drink is coffee. Brazil coffee production amounts to about one third of all coffee in the world.

What is Ashley Tisdale favorite drink in coffee bean?

Iced Tea Ashley Tisdale Loves going to Coffee Bean and Iced Tea last shift I worked she order Ice Coffee with no cream, no chocolate with low fat milk

What do you do if you cant get to sleep at night?

don't drink coffee

Does the coffee bean offer organic milk?

No, a coffee bean is just a coffee bean.

Can you grow a coffee bean from a store?

No, coffee beans from a store are roasted, this makes them unable to grow a plant, but makes them delicious to drink!

Was coffee named after john coffee?

The county in Alabama was, but the name of the drink/bean is a word that has been in use for hundreds of years, passed through many languages and probably originally coming from Arabic where the coffee bean was first cultivated.

What is 'cappachino' a misspelling of?

"Cappachino" is a misspeling of cappuccino. Cappuccino is a popular coffee drink that one can order at a variety of coffee shops such as Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

What words link coffee and salad?

The word bean could link coffee and salad: coffee bean/bean salad.

What seed looks like a coffee bean?

The seed of the coffee plant looks rather exactly like a coffee bean, because it is a coffee bean.