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i do not know. sorry! it is not a very important question to know the answer to in life. just so that is clear with everyone....

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Q: 3 How does the shape of a conifer as well as the shape of its leaves adapt the tree to the snowy weather of a boreal forest?
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What is the top layer of the forest formed by leaves of the tall trees?

the canopy which is full of trees approximately the same height and it is the thickest layer of the tropical rain forest

What is the difference between coniferous forest and rainforest?

A coniferous forest is composed of conifer tree species (the word conifer means cone bearing). Pine trees are an example of a conifer tree. Typically coniferous forest are evergreen forest because most conifers are evergreen tree species (they do not lose their leaves in the fall, which means the trees stay green year round). The Society of American Foresters defines a rainforest as "an evergreen forest associated with a climate characterized by continual high humidity and abundant rainfall (>60 in or > 1524 mm per year) and a short or no dry season" (Helms, 1998). Therefore, a rainforest may be a coniferous forest. A coniferous rainforest would typically be known as a temperate rainforest (such as those of the Pacific Northwest to Alaska). Tropical rainforest remain green year round due to the warm climate rather than the species of tree present. These rainforest tend to have broad leaf trees rather than conifer species.

What is the coating on evergreen leaves?

The waxy coating on an evergreens leaves in an adaptation to help prevent water lose in the conifer tree. Evergreens also have chemicals that help prevent them from freezing.

The layer of leaves that blocks most of the sunlight from reachig the ground in the rain forest is called?

rain forest

What is the vegetation of boreal forest?

Coniferous forests consist mainly of conifers, which are cone bearing trees such as pines, junipers, firs, redwoods, cypresses, spruces, and larches. Most animals that live in coniferous forests survive the harsh winters by migrating or hibernating. They get an average of 14-30 inches of rain fall yearly and have an average winter temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit and a summer temperature of 53 degrees.

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Which land biome is characterized by trees have needle shaped leaves and produce seeds in cones?

coniferous forest

What is niferous forest?

I think you mean "coniferous", which is a forest of conifer trees which don't lose their leaves in the autumn. They are the traditional Christmas tree type of tree.

What type of forest is a boreal forest?

a boreal forest is also called a taiga. It usually has coniferous trees, trees that have needles, and deciduous trees, trees that lose their leaves in the winter. It usually has very cold winters and mild to cool summers. you can also look at http:/ Hope that helped some.

What has the author BA Gaber written?

B.A Gaber has written: 'The neutralization of acid rain by the leaves of four boreal forest species' -- subject(s): Forest ecology, Acid rain

What is needle shaped on a conifer?

The leaves.

What do conifer trees grow instead of leaves?

Conifer trees grow needles and cones

What mammal can eat conifer leaves?


What is the top layer of the forest formed by leaves of the tall trees?

the canopy which is full of trees approximately the same height and it is the thickest layer of the tropical rain forest

What conifer structure can be compared to leaves?

the thing that is compared to leaves from conifers are needles

What is the shape of many conifer leaves?


Does coni conifer have leaves with veins?

yes they do.

What are organisms that live in boreal forests?

In the Boreal Forests there areWestern Roe DeerElk "Wapiti"Siberian Musk DeerMule DeerReindeerBison "Buffalo"MuskoxMountain GoatBighorn SheepDall's SheepWild BoarTigars