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Q: A generalization of a behavior that always works in the same way under the same condition is a?
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What is the generalization that always works in the same way under the same condition is what?


What is differences of response generalization and stimulus generalization?

Generalization refers to the spread of effects (perhaps from a treatment, or intervention). Stimulus generalization occurs when the same response occurs but under a different, setting, condition, or for a different therapist or parent perhaps (i.e., different stimuli). Response generalization occurs when the individual emits a different response which serves the same function as previously reinforced responses, the setting (i.e., stimulus) remains unaltered. For instance a friend might teach you how to do the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, b, a, start) on an old Nintendo controller. Later you perform the code on the same game (same stimulus conditions) but using joystick controller.

What is Judicial reprieve?

A Practice under English common law whereby a judge could suspend the imposition or execution of a sentence on condition of good behavior on the part of the offender.

Engine light on engine cutting out under load condition is always during the first 20 minutes of operation?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Where is the drain for the air condition located on a 2oo3 montero?

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What is the difference between behavior and human behavior?

Behavior is a common noun which can be applied to animals and humans or a system ( the action, reaction, or functioning of a system, under normal or specified circumstances). Human behavior is how every individual reacts under different circumstances.

What are Behavior adaptations of crocodiles?

A crocodiles behavior adaptations include camoflauge and are able to breath under water.

Ideal gas law behavior of real gases under?

the ideal gas law describes that the behavior of real gases under all conditions of temperature and pressure.

What is voluntary behavior in psychology?

'Voluntary behavior' implies free will. No forcing against will, under duress or strain, etc...

Does prodigy from mindless behavior like girls who is 8 and under?


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decition making under certainty

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Happinessyour behavior