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gold, silver, and copper

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Q: An example of a native mineral is?
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An example of native mineral is?


Is ice example of a native mineral is?

No. A native mineral is composed of only one element. Ice, the mineral, is composed of two -- hydrogen and oxygen.

What mineral group is Zinc?

native if that is a mineral group

Is iron a native mineral?


Is native a mineral group?


What is lead a type of rock?

Lead is an element and a mineral, though it is seldom found in it's native or uncombined state, much, much more commonly found, for example, in combination with sulfur, as the mineral galena.

Is Halite a native mineral?

No. The definition of a native mineral is described as, among other criterion, a natural occurring mineral consisting of a single element. Halite would not fit this definition as it is a mineral containing sodium and chloride.

What are metallic mineral?

Native metals are minerals. The only metals that commonly occur in native form are copper, silver, gold, and platinum.

Mineral is matches made of?

Sulfur, as a native mineral, or from the mineral pyrite, is used in the manufacture of matches.

What is the mineral group for aluminum?

Native metal.

Is the mineral Jasper a native or compound?

it is a compound

Is native gold the California state mineral?