Are rocks soft

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Please describe what you mean by soft and rephrase the question.

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Q: Are rocks soft
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Is sand and clay soft very soft or quite soft rocks?


Why are fossils formed in sedmentary rocks?

Because sedimentary rocks are soft rocks

What are the hard and soft matrix used in Impregnated diamond core bit - I'm confused about the fact that a hard matrix is used in sedimentary or soft rocks while a soft matrix is used for hard rocks?

Hard matrix is supposed to be used for digging hard rocks and soft matrix for soft rocks. It's quite confusing to me

What are examples of soft rocks?

i am not sure......

Is limestone rock hard or soft?

Generally speaking, when a geologist talks of "soft rocks" and "hard rocks" what he or she means is "sedimentary rocks" or "igneous and metamorphic rocks". Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and compared to most other rocks, is relatively soft. lol Different limestones have different hardnesses. Most "marbles" are actually hard limestones, because they have not experienced the high pressures and temperatures required for metamorphism.

Because of the high temperatures and extreme pressure rocks in the asthenosphere are?

soft and flowingsoft and flowing

How does makka pakka eat?

big, soft, hairy and salty rocks

What small plants absorb from rocks that make it weak and soft?


Is it hard or soft?

well It Is hard because all rocks are hard

Can minerals or rocks can be soft or hard?

well,the world may never know

How do rocks become soft?

because the weather break down the rock until it gets soft like chalk

How do rocks damage your world?

if you throw a rock in soft ground it would make a whole