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There isn't much sulfur in Earth's atmosphere, but when there is, you notice it! Sulfur is responsible for the pungent stench of rotten eggs, the smell of matchheads and of volcanic eruptions.

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Q: Can you find sulfur in the atmosphere?
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What is the result of chemical reactions in the atmosphere that involve sulfur?

The environmental problem result by chemical reaction at the atmosphere including sulfur is ACID RAIN

What is a natural source of sulfur dioxide carbon dioxide and ash in the atmosphere?

Volcanos release sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and ash to the atmosphere at the same time

Does the Earth's ocean have sulfur?

No it does not But it is in the atmosphere and earths crust!!

What sulfur containing gases are found in the atmosphere?


Why should sulfur be removed from petrol?

When burned, sulfur yields toxic sulfur dioxide, which forms irritants in the atmosphere and contributes to acid rain.

Does Io the moon have an atmosphere?

Yes. I has a very thin atmosphere composed mainly of sulfur dioxide.

What happens to sulfur when heated very strongly?

Sulfur is melted at 115,21 0C; the boiling point is at 444,6 0C. In an air atmosphere sulfur burn and form sulfur dioxide.

Where are you most likely to find some of these gases like methane ammonia carbon dioxide sulfur and water vapor today?

I think its the atmosphere

Does sulfur dioxide increase or decrease the temperature of the atmosphere?

sulfur dioxide decreases temperature because it is a heavy gas

When the sulfur in the atmosphere combines with water vapor?

chlorofluorocarbons i think

What is the negative effect of sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere?

if there is more sulphur in the atmosphere the will be more problems with acid rain

Is sulphur dioxide the same as sulphur?

No, sulfur is an element and sulfur dioxide is a gaseous compound. Sulfur dioxide is the combustion product of sulfur in an oxygen atmosphere (S+O2 --> SO2) Where sulfur is an element, sulfur dioxide is a compound and where sulfur is an insoluble yellow solid, sulfur dioxide is a colorless soluble gas.