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Q: Changing subscripts is one of the steps of balancing a chemical equation.?
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How can you balance a chemical equation by changing the subscripts?

Balancing only allows you to change the coefficients, NOT the subscripts.

How does a subscript in a chemical formula affect balancing chemical equation?

When balancing a chemical equation, you multiply the subscripts in a chemical formula times the coefficient in front of the formula to get the total number of atoms of each element.

Why is it wrong to change subcripts when balancing chemical equation?

When you are balancing known reactants and known products which is always the case when you are asked to "balance" a chemical equation you must not change the subscripts as that changes the reactants or the products to a different chemical compound.

Changing subscripts on the product side but not on the reactant side is a good way to balance a chemical equation.?


Why can't you balance an equation by changing the subscripts of the reactants or the products?

You can't change the subscript. The subscripts show how the elements/molecules are bonded.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The subscripts represent the number of atoms of each element in each chemical formula-if you change the subscripts, you change the compounds the formulas are describing.Source: (e2020)

When balancing a chemical equation can you adjust the script in a formula?

No. Never change the subscripts because then you are changing the formula of the substance to something else. You can only change the amount of a substance by adding a coefficient in front of the formula. If there is no coefficient, it is understood to be 1.

Where are the subscripts found in a chemical equation?

These subscripts are down the chemical symbol and at right. Example: O2

Why is it important never to change a subscription in a chemical formula when balancing a chemical equation?

It is important never to change a subscript {note correct spelling} in a chemical formula when balancing a chemical equation, because changing a subscript produces a formula that specifies a chemical substance different from the one in the original equation.

Why can't a subscript in a formula of a chemical compound change when balancing an equation?

Answer 1To balance an equation means that there are the same number of each element on each side. The reason a subscript cannot change is that it represents the amount of an element within a certain compound in relation to any other elements. If that ratio changes, it is no longer the same compound. Changing a subscript changes a formula so that it no longer stands for the correct substance.Answer 2The point of balancing an equation is to find the ratios in which chemicals will react or be produced. By changing the equation, you change the reaction. Therefore you are not trying to balance the same reaction.Answer 3A balanced chemical equation is the standard way of writing equations for chemical reactants because it follows the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF MASS.Because there is a total of four atoms in the reactants, a total of four atoms must be in the products.Answer 4Changing the subscripts changes the compounds in the reaction. A subscript in the formula can not be changed when balancing an equation because changing a subscript would make the formula describe a different compound, or rather more likely a non-existent compound.Answer 5If the subscript of the element while balancing is changed, then the entire molecule gets changed !For eg: Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 are entirely different compounds with diff. properties, colour , magnetic behaviour etc. This would basically be changing the element altogether. Think about the difference between O2 and O3. O2 is regular oxygen-the air we breathe. O3, on the other hand, is what makes up the ozone. so, instead of changing O2 to O6, you put 3O2 to say that you have three O2 atoms, not an O6 atom. I hope I was able to clarify that.Answer 6The subscripts represent the number of atoms of each element in each chemical formula-if you change the subscripts, you change the compounds the formulas are describing.

When balancing equations should you adjust the subscripts or the coefficients?

Subscripts state how many atoms and Coefficients state how many molecules there are. So when balancing an equation you always adjust the coefficients. When this equation is balanced, what is the coefficient for Ni(NOËÄ)ËÄ? 4

What is the differences between subscripts and coefficients?

A coefficient is the number that goes before an element when your balancing the equation. And a subscript is the number after the element. Subscripts are not changed when you balance the equation.

Subscripts can be changed in order to balance a chemical equation.?