Do snowflakes forming in a cloud conserve mass?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do snowflakes forming in a cloud conserve mass?
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does rain forming in a cloud conserve mass yes or no?


Is Compost rotting conserve mass?

Yes. All chemical changes conserve mass.

What does it mean to conserve mass?

Conserving mass means that the total mass of a closed system remains constant over time. This principle asserts that mass cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred or transformed. It is a fundamental concept in physics and chemistry that is used to analyze and predict the outcomes of physical and chemical processes.

What is the mass of a cloud?

It depends on a size of a cloud.

Is chocolate mixing in with milk conserve mass?

Yes. Because it conserves mass.

What cloud type consists of globular cloud mass with a cauliflower structure?


When a more dense air mass meets a low dense air mass what type of cloud coverage will result?

A stratus cloud.

How does the mass of the nucleus compare to the mass of the electron?

The nucleus is far more massive than the electron cloud. The mass of the electron cloud is almost negligible compared to that of the nucleus.

What is the Nebular Hypothesis?

A large, diffuse, slowly rotating cloud of "dust and gas" began to contract due to gravitational forces. Because of the need to conserve angular momentum, as the cloud got smaller, it rotated faster (just like an ice skater spinning on one skate and pulling in her or his arms). This increased velocity caused the cloud to bulge in the middle. In the end the central portion, where most of the mass ended up, became the sun, with the planets forming from the material in the bulge.

Are you sure that a cloud is gas?

A cloud is a visible mass of water droplets or frozen water crystals.

When the mass of a moving object is doubled and its speed remains the same its momentum?

If the mass is doubled,speed should be halved to conserve momentum.

How are black dwarfs created?

A star of similar mass to the sun dies and collapses, forming a white dwarf which cools, forming a black dwarf.A mass of dust and gas too small to ignite fusion collapses, forming a brown dwarf which cools, forming a black dwarf.