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yes. they contain organic molecules which contain C and H

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Q: Do vegetables contain carbon and hydrogen?
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Does carbohydrates contain sulfur?

no. Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Do hydrocarbon molecules always contain hydrogen carbon and oxygen atoms?

No.Hydrocarbon molecules contain hydrogen and carbon atoms.It is carbohydrate molecules that contain hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms.

What does an organic compound contain?

All organic molecules contain carbon and hydrogen.

What does organic compound contain?

Organic Compounds contain carbon, and almost always hydrogen.

Is NH3 a hydrocarbon?

No, hydrocarbons contain carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) NH3 is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen.

What elements does alcohol contain?

hydrogen, carbon, oxygen

What must contain carbon and hydrogen?

An organic compound must contain carbon and hydrogen, but also may contain oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. An organic compound that contains only carbon and hydrogen is called a hydrocarbon.

Why are carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are not example of organic chemistry?

An organic compound must contain both carbon and hydrogen. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide contain carbon an oxygen, but not hydrogen.

Compound that contains carbon and hydrogen atoms?

Hydrocarbons contain both Carbon and Hydrogen.

Are hydrogen on carbon compounds?

No, not all compounds of Carbon contain Hydrogen, for instance Carbon Dioxide does not and neither does Carbon Tetraflouride.

What type of atoms do carbohydrates contain?

Carbohydrates fall into the general formula Cx(H2O)y, each molecule containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

What elements are most commonly found in organic compounds?

all organic molecules contain carbon atomsCarbon, hydrogen and oxygen