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Q: Does megestrol acetate test positive for THC?
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How much advil would you have to consume to test positive for THC?

A whole lot, and its not that you would test positive for THC, it would simply create a false positive. There is no THC in Advil

Will depakote cause a false positive for THC?

Will depakote cause you to test positive for thc

Does novacaine have THC in it?

does novacaine show positive for THC on a drug test

Will hydrocondone show positive for THC on a drug test?

No. THC is marijuana

Can your partner pass THC to you and will it test positive on a drug test?


Do marijuana seeds test positive for THC?


Can k2 spice cause a positive drug test for any drug?

Yes spice does contain THC in it, and if consumed will make you turn in a positive test for THC.

Does Prozac test positive for THC in pee test?

no it doesnt

What makes you test positive for THC?


Can you test positive for THC from a sucker?

yes they do it in California

Can zofran show up positive on your drug test?

Will this drug cause you to test positive for THC

Why does vitamin B-2 produce false positive drug test for THC?

no vitamins should show positive result for thc