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they can occur at anytime.

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Q: Earthquakes usually occur at what time of the day?
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When was the latest earthqauke?

Earthquakes occur all over the world each day. Organizations, such as USGS, publish near real time updates on the latest earthquakes.

What time of day drunk driving accidents usually occur?

They may happen at ANY time of day, but primarily they occur after the hours of darkness.

What time of day do tsunami's occur and which place's?

Most commonly in the pacific, but technically they can occur anywhere. They happen shortly after earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and serious meteor strikes.

What type of earthquakes happen each day?

Magnitude 2 and smaller earthquakes occur several hundred times a day world wide.

Why have earthquakes occurred at night?

Earthquakes are caused by processes that occur deep underground. It does not make a difference whether it is day or night.

What time of day does land breeze occur?

Land breezes occur during the time of night.

Why do strong earthquakes occur where there have been many recent earthquakes?

I can't really say in detail .....but it is most likely that its because there is a default in that area in California ..there are several defaults there and thousands of earthquakes occur each day there. BECAUSE its a active earthquake zone." :D Earthquakes also occur in Alaska and also; off the coast of Mexico....

Why do not any of you know the answer for what time eartquakes occur?

About 300 or so measurable earthquakes occur around the world each day. So far, it is not possible to predict the time when an earthquake will occur. The best scientists can do is predict the frequency (once in how many years) an earthquake of a specific intensity will occur on a given fault line.

Could two earthquakes happen at the same time?

Hundreds of detectable earthquakes can occur around the world each day. Many more can occur yet be too small for some of the most sensitive seismometers to even detect.

When do tornadoes mainly happen?

If you mean time of day, tornadoes occur most often in the late afternoon. If you mean time of year, they usually occur in spring and early summer.

Around what time of day do tornadoes usually happen?

Tornadoes occur most often in the late afternoon.

Will the earthquake in 2012 happen?

There will be earthquakes in 2012 (and there already have been), as earthquakes occur every day. If you are referring to the global earthquake that is supposed to end the world, then no. Such an event is impossible.