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Q: How can a hurricane affect communities in its path?
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Does a hurricane move in a narrow path along the ground or over water?

A hurricane moves in a very wide path over water.

What likely caused 2017’s hurricane season to have so many intense storms Notice the unusual path of hurricane Ophelia, what would explain this hurricane’s unusual path?

Climate change

Sentence with devastate?

The neighborhood was shocked with the devastationafter the hurricane.

What destructive storm has the widest path of destruction?


What are the release dates for Harbormaster - 1957 Path of the Hurricane 1-22?

Harbormaster - 1957 Path of the Hurricane 1-22 was released on: USA: 23 March 1958

Is a plastic shed safe in a hurricane?

Whether or not a plastic shed is safe in a hurricane depends on the strength of the hurricane, the distance from the hurricane, and how sturdy the shed is. If the shed is in the path of a category 5 hurricane, it probably will be destroyed. If it is in the path of a category 1 hurricane, it may survive. It is not recommended to be inside a plastic shed during any type of hurricane. If a category 5 hurricane is approaching, it is best to evacuate, as nothing is really safe.

How do hurricanes effect communities?

they effect communities because the water is so powerful it destroys any and everything in its path.

How does high pressure affect a hurricane?

A hurricane itself is a low pressure system, but a high pressure system in the same general region can affect the path a hurricane takes. A hurricane can get caught in the clockwise airflow around a high pressure system. For example, many hurricanes in the Atlantic are affected by the Bermuda High, a semipermanent high pressure area over the northern Atlantic. Hurricanes under its influence generally start out moving west and turn north in the western Atlantic or Caribbean.

Can scientists make a hurricane change direction?

No, scientists can't make a hurricane change direction. As it is, we still have trouble even predicting the path a hurricane will take. We are not even on the level of influencing what a hurricane will do.

Who do thunderstorms affect?

communities and health

Sentence in devastating?

Powerful natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina devastate communities.

Who is in hurricane Irene path?

Much of the US East Coast is in her path. You can keep up to date at the related link.