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If the magnetic field is caused only by a current, you can turn the current off.If you have another magnetic field, for example due to a permanent magnet, with a current you can create a magnetic field that counters the first one. But that will only work in certain regions in space; you can't cancel such a magnetic field everywhere in space.

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Yes. More specifically, a conductor must be moved in a magnetic field, or the magnetic field must move. (Otherwise, generating a current would violate Conservation of Energy, so without movement, no current is possible.)

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Q: How can you turn off a magnetic field by a current?
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What happen to a electromagnet if you switch the current off?

When we turn of the current in an electromagnet then electromagnet looses its magnetic property,provided the material used inside the current carrying solenoid is soft iron core. If, the material is steel then after the current is turned the magnetism propety still prevails and hence steel becomes a permanent magnet.

How can the magnetic field strength of an electromagnet be reduced?

Either increasing the size of the current (in amps) or the number of turns of wire wrapped around the core will make a stronger magnet. A larger current will make a stronger magnet (up until too much makes the wire melt!). Increasing the voltage forces more current through the electromagnet.

Why is earth the largest magnet?

Well, first off the magnetic fields on the Sun, seen as plasma loops, are enormous compared to the size of the Earth - perhaps millions of km in altitude from the Sun's surface. These are the largest 'local' magnetic fields, both in size and strength.Bringing our feet back to the ground and considering the magnetic field of the Earth, this is probably caused by thermal effects in the outer core of the Earth generating electric currents, which in turn generate a magnetic field. The interior of the Earth is much too hot (about 6000K) to sustain any magnetic material. (see Curie effect). The field we see is the net field resulting no doubt from many disparate contributions, and which do vary in strength and location.

How does the electromagnetic field work?

A electromagnetic field works by an electrical current flowing through an inductor which induces a magnetic field, as soon as the electrical current is switched off to the inductor, the electromagnetic field collapses.

Why is soft iron used for the core of an electromagent?

The main advantage of an electromagnet is it can be turned on and off. Iron is a soft magnetic material an therefore looses its magnetism very quickly, if you use a metal like like steel it will not loose it magnetism very easily and even if you turn off the current it will remain a magnet.

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What happens with the energy associated to the magnetic field of a coil with electric current if the electric current is turned off?

The magnetic field or energy associated with the magnetic field will no longer be generated if the current is turned off.

How could you turn off a solenoids magnetic field?

only heskey can do this

How can magnetism be induced?

You can turn a magnetic field produced by a current on or off by simply turning the current on of off, You can change the direction of the magnetic field by reversing the direction of the current, You can also change the strength of a magnetic field produced by a current by looping the wire, by winding a wire with a current into many loops you strengthen the magnetic field in the center of the coil.

How demagnetize an electric motor?

A transformer winding only produces a magnetic field when current flows through it. Switch the current off, and the magnetic field disappears. You do not need to 'demagnetise' a transformer winding.

What 1 major difference between bar magnets and electroagets.?

Electromagnets only have a magnetic field when electrical current if flowing through them. When the power if off, so is the magnetic field. A bar magnet ALWAYS has a magnetic field.

What is a persistent current?

It is a current that can induced in a semiconductor materail by colling them in a magnetic field below a transition temperature and then switched off the field...thank u N.S

Why a transformer only work with alternating currents?

The iron core of a transformer holds a magnetic field when energized by the primary windings that conduct current. It is the building up and collapse of the magnetic field that induces current in the secondary windings. Direct current has no build up or decay of magnetic field (except when turned on and shut off) so no current is induced in the secondary windings.

How do you convert magnetic energy into light energy?

Move a conductor through a changing magnetic field and run a light off the current generated.

How do electromagnets differ from regular magnets?

A regular magnet achieves its magnetic field due to the alignment of its component atoms. An electromagnet induces a magnetic field through an electric current that travels around a conductive core.

What happens when the electricity is cut in electromagnets?

As soon as the flow of electrical current ceases, the magnetic field collapses [or "turns off"].

Why does the compass respond when it is near a electrical wire with current flowing through it?

Because electricity gives off a magnetic field.

What is the name of the effect where a steel ball will stay stuck to an electromagnet for a short period of time after it is turned off?

magnetic effect of current -it mens that a current flowing in a wire produces a magnetic field around it. and here also, electromagnet produces same magnetic field around it and th ball got stuck.