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Effects Soil pH affects the amount of nutrients that are soluble in soil water and, therefore, the amount of nutrient available to plants. Some nutrients are more available under acid conditions while others are more available under alkaline conditions. However, most mineral nutrients are readily available to plants when soil pH is near neutral. The development of strongly acidic soils (pH less than 5.5) can result in poor plant growth as a result of one or more of the following factors: low pH, aluminum toxicity, manganese toxicity, calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency, and low levels of essential plant nutrients such as phosphorus and molybdenum.


iron is more availeble in acidic soils of PH 5.5-6.5. lots of pottasium fertilizers like KCl can raise PH to 8-9

gypsum can be used to neutralize acidic soil

black coffee leftovers can be used to acidify the soil

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Fertilizers with nitrogen drop the pH of soils.

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Yes, fertilizers affect the pH of water.

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Q: How do fertilizers affect the pH of the soil?
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How do fertilizers affect resources?

the affect of fertilizers on the resources is that our farmers use fertilizers in order to maintain the fertility of soil except organic fertilizers

How does soil pH affect soil fertility?

soil fertility increases soil PH

How do fertilizers affect the pH of waterways?

Fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus which can affect the pH of water ways. A pH of 7 is neutral. When water pH is raised above this, it can have harmful affects on the waterway, causing nutrient or water pollution.

Which factors affect pH?

The three factors that affect soil fertility are the commercial fertilizers that add nitrate, potassium, and phosphorus to their soil.

how do crops affect soil?

crops cant effect soil crops just take fertilizers from the soil

What is the pH level of oil?

The pH leve of soil depends upon it's fertility. If the soil is used to fertilizers or pesticides, it becomes acidic, loses it's fertility and pH level goes down.

How does chemistry affect farming?

Chemistry affects farming in various ways. There are different chemicals that are used as fertilizers and one would need chemistry to test the pH of the soil among other uses.

How does calcium carbonate affect the pH of the soil?

It raises the pH of the soil and reduces the availabilty of iron, magnesium and manganese.

What factors that determine the soil pH?

The factors which affect soil pH levels are the amount of rainfall, the amount of plants and the number of soil organisms.

What does fertilizers do?

Fertilizers place nutrients in the soil that are not naturally there. Just keep in mind the difference between fertilizers and soil conditioners. Soil conditioners are items that overall help the soil. So fertilizers are soil conditioners but not all conditioners are fertilizers.

Whats the effect of fertilizer on soil pH?

It depends on the fertilizer you are using. Some fertilizers have a high pH and some have a low pH. So find out what the pH is on the fertilizer before using because you don't want to throw you pH off to much, it will bind up alot of vital nutrients in the soil.

How does soil fertility and pH affect the ability of a soil to support plant life?