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The glaciated cloud (i.e. cloud contains ice crystals, not just super cooled liquid) appears filmy, or diffuse, with indistinct cloud edges. Non glaciated occurs more during the storm development stage where towering cumulus full of water droplets look very crisp at the edges as they mushroom out from the updraft.

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Q: How do glaciated clouds look different from non-glaciated clouds?
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How are the clouds different?

the clouds are different because the have different weather that they are for lol like fain Hal snow ,and storm clouds .thats why they all look different =)

Why are there different types of clouds?

Different clouds produce different weather. High clouds like cirrus are made up of ice crystals therefore look different than a puffy cumulus. Cumulonimbus and cumulus are different because they both produce different weather.

What do clouds look like?

clouds are fluffy, puffy, and look like cottonballs

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Cumulus clouds look like !!!!

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What features would you look for in a mountainous region to determine if the area had been glaciated by alpine glaciers?

The mountainous regions that have been glaciated, the valleys are no longer narrow. The ice modifies the valley in three ways: the glacier widens, deepens, and straightens the valley.

What are clouds that look wispy or feathery?

High, wispy clouds are generally categorized as cirrus clouds.

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