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Dissolve 1.37077 g of dried at 105 0C NaNO3 in distilled water, in a thermostated volumetric flask (1 L), at 20 0C; add water to the mark. Stir vigourously the volumetric flask.

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Q: How do you prepare 1000 ppm nitrate solution from sodium nitrate?
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How do you prepare 2 ppm solution of nickel nitrate?

how to prepare 1000 ppm solution of nickel carbonate

How do you prepare a primary standard solution of 0.0500 M sodium carbonate?

use the equation that is standard: 1000 ml 1 M solution= (MOLECULAR WEIGHT) X ml 0.05 M solution = ((MOLECULAR WEIGHT)*X*0.05)/1000

How do you prepare 1000 ppm sodium nitrite solution?

Weigh 1.499gm of pure Sodium Nitrite Standard (Purity>99%) in an A class volumetris flask and dissolve completly in double distilled water up to the mark.

What is the osmolarity of a 0.1 mole sodium chloride solution?

One mole solution of sodium chloride makes 1000 millimole. So 0.1 mole solution of sodium chloride will have 100 millimole in the solution.

How to prepare 1000 ppm chloride solution from sodium chloride?

1000 ppm Cl- = 1.0 gram per liter Cl- = 1.0 * [58.5 (gNaCl/mole NaCl)] / [35.5 (gCl-/mole NaCl)] = 1.65 g/L NaCl

How do you prepare a 2 molar salicylic acid solution?

take 276 gm of salicylic acid in 1000 ml water to prepare 2M solution of the salicylic acid.

How do you make 0.02M sodium phosphate in 0.15mM sodium chloride?

Dissolve 3,2788 g Na3PO4 in 1000 mL of this water solution.

How do you prepare 1 mM dpph radical solution?

for prepare 1mM DPPH radical solution: DPPH Molecular weight: C18H12N5O6 = 394g DPPH 1mM = 394/1000= 0.394g/L

How do you prepare 10 percent Na2CO3 solution?

Mix 100 mL of a 1 N solution with 900 mL of distilled water.

How does one prepare a 1100 dilution?

1 part of solution A plus 99 parts solution B

How many ml of 5 M are required to prepare 1000 ml of 0.02 M NaCl solution what is the dilution factor of this solution?


How many grams of solid sodium hydroxide are required to prepare 400 milliliters of a 4 hundredth molar solution?

So you want 0.04M but you have 400ml, not a litre. 0.04/1000*400 is 0.016 moles wanted. 0.016*40 (molecular weight) is 0.64g