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Take 10 gm oF KI dissolve it in 100ml.

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Q: How do you prepare a 10 percent potassium iodide solution?
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How do you prepare a 5 percent potassium iodide solution?

ask your teacher.

How do you prepare iodine solution?

dissolve iodine crystals in a saturated KI(potassium iodide) solution

Why do you prepare lead iodide from lead nitrate?

Pour a solution of Sodium(or Potassium) Iodide over Lead nitrate solution. The Lead iodide will be precipitated out as a yellow solid

What mass of potassium iodide is dissolved in 200 g of water to make 3.0 percent solution?

You need 6 g potassium iodide.

Why KI is to be added to prepare to prepare iodine solution?

KI is potassium iodide, you'd react it with something to produce iodine ions. It reacts as reducing agent

Lead nitrate is treated with potassium iodide solution?

A precipitate of Lead iodide and Potassium nitrate are formed

What is the use of potassium iodide in the preparation of iodine solution?

somehow. the potassium iodide act as a acidifying agent,

Which one is more dense a solution of potassium iodide or a mixture of toluene and naphthalene?

The solution of potassium iodide (if it is not extremely diluted) is more dense.

What is the Symbol equation for silver nitrate solution and potassium iodide?

Silver nitrate + Potassium iodide ----> Silver iodide + Potassium nitrate AgNO3 + KI ----> AgI + KNO3

Mercuric chloride and potassium iodide?

Reddish precipitate of Mercuric iodide and clear solution of Potassium chloride is produced

A solution of potassium iodide is treated with iron III nitrate solution?


What is observed when a solution of potassium iodide is added to silver nitrate solution?

A yellow precipitate of silver iodide (AgI).