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Basically, you just put a few 3" tabs of chlorine in the dispenser and set it in the pool. Sometimes they have adjustments on the bottom which regulate water flow. I usually leave them open for max flow at all times in order to get the maximum amount of chlorine into the water. Also, make certain that you attach it to the ladder or somewhere convenient because it can float and block the skimmers.

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Q: How do you set a chlorine floating dispenser?
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Should floating chlorine dispenser be removed while swimming?

That's not necessary unless it becomes a nuisance

When do you use a chlorine float when you also use a solar cover?

You can not use a floating chlorine dispenser and a solar pool cover at the same time. The solar blanket sits on the surface of the water, thus, a floating dispenser would be unable to float freely. It would end up sitting in one spot, unable to circulate in the water. This would result in spot chlorine damage to your solar blanket, and possibly to your pool finish.

How many 1 inch chlorine tablets do you use in a 8800 gallon pool?

I use 2 in the floating dispenser but this is for a 4,000 gal pool. I'd use 4-5

Would it be better if the chlorine dispenser sat at the bottom of the pool?

It probably would make it worse. Chlorine is heavier than water, so when the dispenser releases chlorine, it would sit at the bottom, rather than drift down.

How do you set you a keg dispenser?

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Instead of using an automatic chlorine tablet dispenser can you use add liquid pool cholorine?

As long as you keep your pH and your chlorine at the proper level it should not matter what technique you use.

How do you lower the chlorine level in the jacuzzi?

if you are floating chlorine tabs take them out it the chlorine will eventually turn back to it's natural state which is a gas and just simply go away

How much water is lost when water is recycled through pump and automatic chlorine dispenser of swimming pool?

None unless you have a leak.

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How many chlorine tablets should be placed in floating skimmer for 5000 Gal of water?


Do you put the coleen blocks in the pool or the filter basket?

Chlorine tablets should be placed in a floating tablet dispenser and positioned in an area where the water flow will slowly dissolve the tablets (over a return jet). Never place in the skimmer box unless you want to fork out for a new pump every 2 years.

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