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Okay nitrogen is enter though the system of an animal cell

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By breathing I guess?

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Q: How does nitrogen go in your body?
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How much nitrogen in the body?

The human body is about 3% Nitrogen

When an organism dies the nitrogen in its body do what?

the nitrogen in its body is released by the action of decomposers

What is it called when nitrogen taken into the body exceeds nitrogen losses?

negative nitrogen balance.

When nitrogen taken into the body exceeds nitrogen losses a person is in?

Positive nitrogen balance

How does nitrogen in the soil move into a cow?

nitrogen in soil is taken by the plants when that are growing. As cow eat plants these nitrogen present in the plants go inside cow body and converted into glucose for giving cow the energy to move etc...

What is the important role of nitrogen in the human body?

The human body needs nitrogen for the proper digestion of food and growth. Nitrogen is extremely important in the development of the human fetus.

Which parts of the human body that contain nitrogen?

Most of the nitrogen in your body is contained within proteins and most of the protein in your body is contained within the muscles.

Does nitrogen go through decomposition?

Yes, nitrogen does go through decomposition.

Name at least one source of nitrogen for the body?

groundnut is a source of nitrogen.

Where are nitrogen atoms used to build your body?

Nitrogen is an essential part of proteins.

What is nitrogen in the air used for in your body?

Your body is not capable of directly using the nitrogen in air. It is ultimately the source of the nitrogen in the proteins and other nitrogen-containing compounds in your body, but the precursors for these are (mostly) made by nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil and then incorporated into molecules by plants. (The "mostly" is because some of the nitrogen used by plants comes from nitrates or ammonia applied as fertilizer.)

How does your body use nitrogen?

Then Nitrogen you inhale has no use. But nitrogen, from other sources, such as food, helps sperm production.