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Uneven heating and cooling causes differences in air pressure. To maintain equal pressure, a breeze picks up. These winds can be a strong as a tornado or just a gentle breeze.

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Q: How does unequal heating and cooling of the earth's surface cause severe weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes?
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How does unequal heating and cooling of earth surface cause severe weather?

because it is cooling

What makes up the surface?

earth quakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.

Unequal heating and cooling in the atmosphere can result in a?

earth surface

Do earthquakes and glaciers change the earth surface?

yes they do and so do glaciers, hurricanes, tornadoes and many other things

What are some specific changes to Earths surface as a result of hurricanes and tornadoes?

Hurricanes can cause significant coast erosion. Flooding resulting from heavy rains can alter river channels. Tornadoes can destroy vegetation, but rarely cause significant amounts of soil erosion.

Two conditions are required for cloud formation cooling of the air and?

the unequal heating of Earth's surface.

What type of rocks are formed through the process of heating and cooling beneath the earth's surface?

igneous rocks

What type of surface area do tornadoes and hurricanes form?

Hurricanes can form only open warm ocean water with a temperature of least 80 degrees or 26 celsius. Tornadoes can form over land or water. A tornado formed over water is called a waterspout. Tornadoes can almost anywhere in the world with the right weather conditions. Their have been tornadoes on six continents. Hurricanes form in the tropics and then follow paths that take them either over land or they or they stay over the open ocean.

Does the funnel of the hurricane send air from the bottom up towards the sky?

Hurricanes don't have funnels; tornadoes do. However, in both cases air moves up from the surface.

How are the sun's energy and the wind connected provide examples?

Winds are created by the heating and cooling of the earth's surface. The sun's energy provides the heat.

What does the unequal heating of earths surface cause?

It causes wind, with help from the moon's gravitational pull it causes ocean currents and it also helps with the seasons and weather.Windsconvection currentsUnequal heating of the earth's surface results in wind. That is what happens, if that's your question.

How do tornadoes shape the earths surface?

Tornadoes do not effectively shape the earth's surface, they are too fleeting.