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Iron-55 and iron-59 are used to study the way in which red blood cells develop in the body. These studies can be used to tell if a person's blood is healthy.

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Q: How is iron-59 different from all other isotopes of iron how is it the same?
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What is 'iron59' when rendered into an English name?

"Felix" is the English name that comes from "iron59." Fe represents the symbol for iron while LIX serves as the number "59" in Roman numerals. The pronunciation will be "FEE-liks" in the Mid-Atlantic pronunciation patterns of United States English.

Are iron elements stable?

Iron is an element, and there is only one element called iron (Fe). There are no iron element(s), but if you mean isotopes, then some iron isotopes are stable, and some aren't. No known element is stable in of it's isotopes.

Does iron have any important isotopes?

Differences between uranium isotopes: natural isotopes (U-234, U-235, U-238) and the artificial isotopes; differences in atomic mass; differences in the number of neutrons; differences of the half life; differences in the emitted radiations (type, energy, percentage); differences in the decay chain; differences in the technological importance; etc.

How many isotopes are in iron?

No there are 7

Atoms in Fe?

Iron atoms. Fe is the symbol for iron on the table of elements.

Can Isotopes resonante in iron?

There are several isotopes of iron, the most frequent is Fe56 (92 percent). Suggest you look up Wikipedia for Iron. I do not understand your use of word 'resonante'. If you mean 'resonate' I still don't understand what your query really is.

Are the atoms in a piece of iron exactly like those in a piece of tin?

Iron has four natural isotopes; isotopes are not identical.

Is the density of an iron nail different thanthat of an iron gate?

if they are both made of iron and no other impurities the density is the same

How many protons does iron 55.847 have?

Iron has 26 protons.Iron 55.847 is not an element. Iron exists in the form of the following isotopes: 56Fe, 54Fe, 57Fe and 58Fe. Iron 55.847 refers to the average atomic mass of these isotopes, weighted together according to their relative abundance on earth. 56Fe accounts for approx 92% of the total.

What element has 26 electrons and 31 neutrons?

Nickel, and rare isotopes of Iron

Is hydrogen a radioactive element?

The initial dollar store franchise fee is about $20,000. Other fees (including leaseholds, equipment, shelving, inventory and support) will amount to between $100,000-$600,000 depending on the size and location of the store.

How is the African iron age different from that other regions?

They had limited supplies.