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Pollution affects marine life as it might kill them.Such as tortoise likes to eat jellyfish but when a plastic bag float in the water,it look like jelly fish.The tortoise will eat the 'jellyfish' and choke,some even choke to death!

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It affect their food supllys and their ability to grow For instance added CO2 in the atmosphere is icreacing the acidity of the water which in turn robs shell fish of calcium for their shells

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it may kill ocean animals

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Q: How is pollution affecting our marine life?
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What is a biotic factors affecting marine life?

Pollution, Oil spills, Overfishing and ocean currents

What are the problems caused by marine pollution?

Marine pollution kills life in seas

What are alternative methods for marine life pollution?

clean up pollution

How is polution affecting starfish?

Pollution effects all sea life in one way or other. For starfish, marine biologists have learned that their breathing pores often become clogged.

Ialogue on noise pollution?

Marine Noise Pollution Silent Socratic Dialogue, students learn about the history of marine noise pollution and its effects on marine life, particularly cetaceans.

What will happen if we don't stop marine pollution?

We may start to see a decrease in marine life population due to poisoning caused by the pollution.

Can the pollution cause marine life to mutate?

it depends if it has chemical in it.

Do hydrologist studies the effects of pollution on marine life?


Is water pollution good?

No it is not. It harms the environment and kills marine life. If you think water pollution is good, it's not.

What are the impacts of human life on marine life?

Human activities such as pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change have significant impacts on marine life. These activities can lead to declines in fish populations, destruction of coral reefs, and disruption of marine ecosystems. Additionally, marine life can be harmed by plastic waste, oil spills, and noise pollution from human activities.

Causes for marine pollution?

The main cause of marine pollution are humans!!!

How could a trash affect to our environment?

Trash affects our environment in many different ways for e.g.Air PollutionSea Pollution- which then leads to affecting the marine animals