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Q: How many atoms of oxygen are contained in 47.6g of aluminum carbonate?
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How many oxygen atoms does calcium carbonate have?

1 molecule of Calcium Carbonate -CaCO3, contains 3 oxygen atoms.

How many oxygen atoms are in a molecule of calcium carbonate?

The formula unit of calcium carbonate is CaCO3. Therefore, it has 3 oxygen atoms.

What atoms are in aluminum sulphate?

2 aluminum atoms 4 sulphur atoms 4 oxygen atoms

How would I determine the number of oxygen atoms contained in 6.213g of aluminum carbonate?

6.213 grams Al2(CO3)3 (1mol Al2(CO3)3/233.99g)(9mol O/1mol Al2(CO)3)(6.022 X 10^23/1mol cpd.) = 1.439 X 10^23 atoms oxygen ( cpd means compound )

How many atoms of oxygen are there in potassium carbonate K2CO3?

As indicated by the subscript on the atomic symbol for oxygen, there are 3 oxygen atoms.

What atoms does calcium carbonate contain?

Calcium carbonate consists of carbon, oxygen, and calcium.

How many oxygen atoms are contained in 2.74g of Al2SO42?

Mass of Aluminum Sulfate: 2.74g Molar Mass of Aluminum Sulfate: 342.14 g/mol Therefore, number of moles of Oxygen can be calculated by 2.74g * 12/342.14 g/mol = 0.096 moles Now since u have the moles of Oxygen, the number of oxygen atoms is given by 0.096 mol * (6.02*10^23) particles or atoms/mol that gives u about 5.78 * 10^22 atoms of oxygen

When aluminum combines with oxygen three oxygen atoms combine with this many aluminum atoms?

There are 13 protons in aluminum and 13 electrons. So, there are 13 atoms in aluminum. In oxygen, there are 8 protons and 8 electrons. thus there are 8 atoms. EDIT: This answer is absolutely and completely incorrect. (Dr.J.)

How many oxygen atoms are in a molecule of carbonate CaCO3?


What does AI2O3 stand for?

Two aluminum atoms and three oxygen atoms >

How many atoms are contained in 5.26 moles of oxygen?

5,26 moles of oxygen contain 31,676.10e23 atoms.

How much oxygen is in calcium carbonate?

CaCO3 has 3 oxygen atoms per molecule.