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2.9 g AgCl

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Assuming the other reactant is just Mg

Balanced reaction = 2 AgNO3 + Mg -> Mg(NO3)2 +2 Ag

20g AgNO3 = 8.731g Mg(NO3)2

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Q: How many grams of silver nitrate can be produced by the reaction of 100.0 ml of 0.20 M silver nitrate and 100.0 ml of 0.15 M calcium chloride?
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What is the product of ammonium nitrate and calcium chloride?

Both ammonium nitrate and calcium chloride are salts, as they are ionic compounds that can be produced from an acid-base reaction. Neither is the salt we put on our food, however. Table salt is sodium chloride.

What happens when sodium nitrate is added to calcium chloride?

Any reaction occur.

What is the salt produced when calcium reacts with sulphric acid?

The salt formed by the reaction of calcium hydroxide and sulfuric acid is calcium sulfate. The formula of this salt is CaSO4. Calcium sulfate is a white in appearance when pure.

What is the solid product of silver nitrite and calcium chloride?

The products of the reaction are solid silver chloride and aqueous sodium nitrate

In the reaction of silver nitrate with sodium chloride how many grams of silver chloride will be produced from 100 g of silver nitrate when it is mixed with an excess of sodium chloride?


What precipitate is formed from sodium chloride and calcium nitrate?

Any precipitate is formed.

Do epsom salt formulas really detoxify your system?

how to mack copper sulphate,magnesium sulphate,potasasium cloride,potassium nitrate,iron chloride,calcium chloride,calcium suphate,calcium nitrate,copper nitrate,sodium nitrate,magnesium chloride,aluminum nitrate,siler nitrate. in a formula

Reaction of hydrochloric acid and calcium nitrate?

There should not be a reaction being that usually elements do not react with their nitrates. But if the calcium nitrate solution was acqueous (water), the calcium will react with the water and as I found in my class, turned black and appeared to react. It does not react with the nitrate but the solution's water.

Predict what would be observed and why from an aqueous mixture for zinc chloride and silver nitrate?

An aqueous mixture of zinc chloride and silver nitrate would be insoluble silver chloride. Water and oxides of nitrogen will also be produced during the reaction.

Which chemical equation represents the reaction between silver nitrate and calcium chloride?

2AgNO3 + CaCl2 ->2AgCl + Ca(NO3)2

In a double displacement reaction between calcium nitrate and sodium carbonate the precipitate produced would be?

Since it is a double displacement and the products of the reaction would be sodium nitrate and calcium carbonate, the precipitate would be calcium carbonate. This is because this reaction is a solubility based reaction, and sodium nitrate is a soluble compound (every metal is soluble in nitrate, and sodium dissolves in almost everything too). Whereas calcium carbonate is insoluble, and therefore will remain solid and form the precipitate.

What are ten ionic compounds?

Sodium hydroxide Sodium chloride Calcium nitrate Calcium chloride