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There is no set amount of valence electrons for nonmetals. The amount of valence electrons a nonmetal has is determined by the number of electrons on the outer shell of the atom.

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Q: How many valence electrons do all nonmetals have?
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How many valence electrons does a member of the oxygen family have?

All have six valence electrons.

Use the concept of electron configurations to explain why the number of valence electrons in metals tends to be less than the number in most nonmetals?

All atoms are in their lowest energy state when they have eight valence electrons like the noble gases. Metals contain fewer electrons in their outer shell and tend to form cations to have a noble gas configuration of electrons. Nonmetals contain more electrons and form anions to gain 8 valence electrons.

What family is a reactive group of mostly nonmetals whose atoms have 7 valence electrons?

The Halogen family.All but one of the halogens are nonmetals, and all share similar properties. A halogen atom has 7 valence electrons and typically gains or shares one electron when it reacts.Hope this helped.

How many carbon atoms have valence electrons?

All carbon atoms have valence electrons. A neutral, unbounded carbon atom has 4 valence electrons.

How many valence electrons each noble gas has?

8 valence electrons in the case of all noble gases (except for helium which has 2 valence electrons).

How many valence electrons are there in phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a group 15 element. All group 15 elements have 5 valence electrons. Thus phosphorus has 5 valence valence electrons.

How many valence electrons are in the dot structure or the elements in 3A?

The elements in 3A all have 3 valence electrons.

How many electrons are in the valence shell of all column 1 elements?

there are 36 electrons in a valence shell. -cmoney

How many valence electrons do argon has?

Argon is a noble gas. All noble gasses have 8 valence electrons. Thus argon has 8 valence electrons as well.

How many valence electrons does a nitrogen N atom have?

Five: All of its electrons except the two in its closed inner shell are valence electrons.

Tin has how many valence electrons?

Tin is a group 14 element. All group 14 elements have 4 valence electrons. Thus, tin has 4 valence electrons.

How many valence electrons does the noble gases have?

All of the noble gases have eight valence electrons with the exception of Helium, which has two. (:

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