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True or false? Factories produce less air pollution than motor vehicles?

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Q: How much air pollution is produced?
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What pollution is produced in nuclear power stations?

Air pollution

How is most air pollution produced?

most air pollution is produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel.

How much pollution is produced by cars?

ALOT! So STOP DRIVING MUCH! Not that you can't, but that is the only to reduce air pollution. Take a bus, or ride your bike instead. Cars and trucks stilled cause about half the air pollution in the cities.

How much air pollution is produced by factories in the US?

I have researched your question. The only answer I see is over 40%

How is air pollution produced?

True or false? Factories produce less air pollution than motor vehicles?

What effect air pollution?

littering can effect the air pollution and not cleaning the water can effect the pollution (air) i hope i answered it not much can effect it

What are the percentage of dangerous pollution produced by developed countries?

how much pollution is in Dominicon republic

What is the largest source of emissions that cause air pollution today?

Factories and Power plants that burned coal produced most of the air pollution in the United States

What is reducing air pollution?

Reducing air pollution is to cause a reduction in how polluted the air is. That shouldn't take much to work out.

How does science and technology affect man?

Science invented technology..... technology such as computers are produced in factories.... factories are causes of Air Pollution... Air Pollution Damages Earth..

Is there a quote about pollution?

There is so much pollution in the air, that if it were not for our lungs, we would have no where to put it.

How much air pollution comes from US?

9 trillion or million air pollution come from US!(100000000000)

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