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Nitrogen is generally obtained by a industrial plant that takes in air from the atmosphere, and separates it from the oxygen.

Hydrogen is generally obtained from an industrial plant that takes in a hydrocarbon and water and splits it from the hydrocarbon and water. It makes a byproduct of CO2. It may be obtained from water alone by passing an electrical current through water and splitting it from the oxygen. This is a more well known method, but very uncommon.

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Q: How nitrogen and hydrogen is obtained?
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What gas is formed when hydrogen reacts with nitrogen?

After this reaction ammonia (NH3) is obtained.

What is the chemical formula when nitrogen gas reacts with hydrogen gas?

Nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia. This is the reaction in the Haber process, in which the gases are mixed at high pressure and moderately high temperature and passed over an iron catalyst.

How can you get Oxygen Hydrogen Nitrogen Carbon Phosphorus and Sulfur as pure elements?

Oxygen and hydrogen can be obtained by electrolysis of water. Nitrogen by liquefying air,and phosphorus and sulphur by other chemical reactions. Search the internet you'll find it!!

What chemical form is nitrogen obtained by plants?

Nitrogen is obtained by the plants in the mineral form.

What is Nitrogen and hydrogen compound?

Hydrogen and nitrogen are both elements. That means that neither of them are made up of other elements. A hydrogen molecule is just two atoms of hydrogen. Nitrogen is just atoms of nitrogen.

What are the four elements most common in organisms?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen

What elements are in nitrogen hydride?

Nitrogen and Hydrogen.

What is the usual state of hydrogen and nitrogen?

the usual state of both hydrogen and nitrogen are gas.

What is the chemical formula for hydrogen and nitrogen?

NH3 (ammonia)

What describes the bond between nitrogen and hydrogen?

Polar covalent bond between nitrogen and hydrogen atoms Polar covalent bond between nitrogen and hydrogen atoms.

Which is heavier hydrogen or nitrogen?

Nitrogen, has a atomic weight roughly 14 times heavier then that of hydrogen.

What is the atomic mass of Hydrogen Nitrogen and oxygen?

hydrogen-1g nitrogen-14g oxygen-16g