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It has 1 valence electron!

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Q: Hydrogen is a nonmetal yet it is positioned in group 1 on the periodic table because?
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What is the only nonmetal to the left of the zigzag line in the periodoc table?

The only nonmetal to the left of the zigzag line in the periodic table is hydrogen (H). It is positioned above group 1 on the periodic table because it shares some chemical properties with the alkali metals, but it is not a metal.

Why is hydrogen (H) placed with elements in Group 1A?

Properties of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a nonmetal and is placed above group in the Periodic Table because it has ns1 electron configuration like the alkali metals.

Why is hydrogen in the perodic table?

Hydrogen is in the periodic table because it is an element, and all elements are in the periodic table.

Why is carbon a metal?

Carbon is actually a nonmetal. Please recheck this question because if you look at labeled periodic tables, it shows that carbon is a NONmetal.

Is hydrogen metals and nonmetals?

Hydrogen, symbol H, atomic number 1, is a non metal.

Hydrogen and sulfur are in the periodic table because they are?

Because they are elements.

Is hydrogen in the alkaili metals metals?

No. Hydrogen is a nonmetal. It is only put in the alkali metal column because it has a similar electron configuration.

What type of bond is formed between Potassium and hydrogen?

They form an ionic bond, i believe, because potassium is a metal and hydrogen is a nonmetal...

How does hydrogen act like a nonmetal?

Hydrogen can act as a metal and a nonmetal, it acts as a metal because its reacts with diffferent types of chemicals same as any other metal would. It nonmetal metal also because it has the following traits dull, brittle, and cannot conduct with heat very well.

What family on the periodic table is hydrogen?

hydrogen has no family on the periodic table.. its a loner

Why is the position of hydrogen not justified in periodic table?

Because hydrogen resembles both Halogens and Alkali Metals.

Is ammonia a metal or nonmetal?

Ammonia is a non-metal because it consists of nitrogen and hydrogen which are both non-metals.