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sulfure trioxide decomposes into sulfur dioxide and oxygen

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Q: If sulfur dioxide and oxygen can be made into sulfur trioxide what is the reverse reaction?
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What equation represents the reaction of sulfur with oxygen to form sulfur trioxide?

The chemical equation that represents the reaction of sulfur with oxygen to form sulfur trioxide is 2SO2(g) + O2(g) --> 2SO3(g). The oxygen generated in the initial reaction reacts with sulfur dioxide.

What is the chemical equation to sulfur dioxide when it reacts with oxygen gas to produce sulfur trioxide gas?

The equation for the reaction between sulfur dioxide and oxygen to produce sulfur trioxide is 2 SO2 + O2 -> 2 SO3.

What is it called when sulphur is added to oxygen?

Combination reaction Sulphur dioxide or sulphur trioxide is formed depending on the amount of oxygen available.

What word equation do you get from sulphur and oxygen?

Sulphur and oxygen react to form either sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide, depending on reaction conditions.

What is the compound formed with sulfur and oxygen?

When Sulfur reacts to oxygen, Sulfur dioxide(SO2) is formed. Further reaction of this with oxygen gives Sulfur trioxide(SO3).

What is sulfur dioxide plus oxygen?

Sulfur trioxide

How do you differentiate between sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide?

The difference between sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide is that there are 2 molecules of oxygen present in sulphur dioxide (SO2) and there are 3 molecules of oxygen are present in sulphur trioxide (SO3).

Sulfur dioxide gas reacts with oxygen gas to form sulfur trioxide gas?

Yes, this is a reaction also used in industry, with catalysts.

The balanced formula for the combustion of sulfur?

Sulphur burns in Oxygen to form Sulphur dioxide in the following reaction: S+O2=SO2 Sulphur dioxide has a capability of reacting with oxygen to form Sulphur trioxide in the following reaction: 2SO2+O2=2SO3 By Prince Sambo Metallurgist

What are Products that are produced by photsynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the reverse reaction of aerobic respiration: Carbon dioxide + water ----> glucose + oxygen Glucose and oxygen are the products.

Sulphar burns with oxygen to form?

When you burn sulphur with oxygen you create sulphur dioxide or sulphur trioxide.

Does sulphure dioxide burn?

Yes: With a sufficient supply of oxygen, sulphur dioxide will burn to form sulphur trioxide.

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