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The density of rock B is greater because its volume is less.

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Q: If you have two rocks rock A and rock B Rock A is bigger but has the same mass as rock B How will the density of the two rocks compare?
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What will have more density the rocks or the grapes?


Does what igneous rocks are made of affect their colour and density?

Based on my knowledge of rocks, I do believe that what rocks are made of will effect their color and density. If a rock is formed from grey ash, then that rock should be grey.

How do rocks break into smaller pieces?

You smash a rock with a bigger rock

What has less density--the crustal rocks or the mantle rocks?

Crustal rock is normally less dense than mantle rock.

How does the density of a light colored rock differ from the density of dark colored rock?

Normally, light colored igneous rocks are less dense compared to dark colored igneous rocks. This is because the light colored rocks have a less iron in them.

How does metamorphic rock formation compare to igneous rock formation?

Igneous rocks are formed in and around volcanos, metamorphic rocks are formed by the partial melting of rocks deep underground.

Compare and Contrast different types of Sedimentary Rocks?

Sedimentary rock is a kind of rock unto itself.

What rock contains high density minerals such as olivine?

Mafic, igneous rocks

What is the density of felsic rocks?

Felsic refers to igneous rocks that are rich in elements that form feldspar and quartz. Their densities vary, depending on the rock, but they generally have low density.

How does winds affect the rocks?

wind could possibly move the rocks or smaller ones a. the rocks will compact to form another and a bigger and bigger one ect. also if the blew hard enough on old rock the rock might etc into smaller rocks on the process begins again

What is the scientific benefit of finding the density of rocks?

Density is just one property of rock that can be utilized in the discovery of ore deposits.

What type of rock contains high-density minerals such as olivine?

Mafic, igneous rocks