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Rock is hundreds to thousands of times denser than any gas under normal conditions.

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Q: What is the difference between the density of a rock compared to the density of gases?
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What is the difference between permanent gases and variable gases in the atmosphere?

The difference between permanent and variable gases is that variable gases change in response to activities in the environment, and permanent gases stay constant.

What is the diffrerence between coal and charcoal?

there is no far difference b/w coal & charcoal.Charcoal has greater surface area as compared to coal and can absorb gases and other impurities better.

Difference between solid liquid and gases in fluidity?

What is the difference between solid and gas in terms of their fluidity

What is the normal relationship between solids liquids gases and density?

they all come from water

Do gases have density?

Gas, as well as everything in the universe has density, though some densities are either too high or too low to be detected but for gases, the density can vary over a wide range because the molecules are free to move.Gases have a lower density compared to liquids because their particles are more spaced out hence occupies more volume. Gases have no fixed shape or volume and will always spread out to fill any container.

What causes static electricity to discharge?

There will be a discharge if:* There is a voltage difference (this can be compared to a pressure difference, in gases), and * There is a way for the surplus charge to move from one side to the other.

Is the density of liquids the same as the density of gases?

No, it isn't.

What happened with density of gases on heating?

As gases are heated up, its volume increases, resulting in a decrease of density.

Is the density of gases a characteristic property?

The density is a physical characteristic, specific for each material, including gases.

Do gasses have the same density?

No, there are actually fairly large variations between different gases. Also, for a single gas the density depends greatly on the temperature and pressure.

Why does a gas not have density?

All materials - including gases - have a density !

What is The difference between the atmosphere and the hydrosphere?

One is made from gases the other from liquids.