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Troposphere !

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Q: In wich atmosphere layer does 80 percent of the gas in the atmosphere reside?
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How do cities effect climate?

In cities, there are a lot of factories and companies that produce smoke after working on making their products, this smoke goes in to the atmosphere affecting the ozone layer wich protects us from the sun and increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere after making holes in the layer.

On wich continent and in what hemispheres do you reside?

north America northern hemisphere

What layer of earth is totally liquid?

A geophysicist may say that the earth has only one layer which is liquid, the outer core. However a hydrologist may also include the hydrosphere, although whether this can truly be considered a layer of the earth is debatable.

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it rehydrates them. this MAY loosen the cellulose layer, wich aids in digestion

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Diegestive secretions are secreated by wich layer of the almentary tube?

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Where is the spongy layer located?

they are exactly spongy bones but spongy bone cells wich are located in long bones.

What is the inner atmosphere of the sun called?

The Sun's visible outer layer is the photosphere.The corona is the outermost layer around the sun.Other than that, it is a whitish blue layer around the sun which can only be seen during a solar eclipse. The corona extends thousands of kilometres into space. That is because it is a layer of gas boiled off from the sun, barely escaping the core's gravitational pull. It is the hottest layer of the sun's atmosphere with temperatures reaching to about 1 500 000 degrees C.

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what makes theearth crust the only livable layer of the earth and give the factor that makes this layer suitable fo all living organisms to survive?

The Earth's crust has oxygen aand silicon Wich we need to survive