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Yes. Surface tension of water increases with addition of potassium permanganate.

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Q: Is Surface tension of water affected by potassium permanganate?
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How would you expect the surface tension of water to be affected by increasing temperature?

surface tension of water is affected by temperature as it starts to evaporate when there is hot temperature but due to unnatural medium its surface starts to freeze when the temperature outside is cold,so this gives the reason that surface tension of water is affected by temperature.

How is the surface tension of water affected by soap?

the surface tension has bonds, and the soap breaks those bonds, so if the soap water is put onto a surface.. it will slip off

When water is deeper does it have a thicker water surface tension?

No, surface tension is a phenomenon of a single outer layer of molecules, so it is not affected by the depth of the water underneath it.

What are pharmaceutical applications of surface tension?

application of surface tension

Surface Tension is found in what?

Surface tension is found in Liquid

What is surface tension coefficient?

define coefficient of surface tension

What liquid have the strongest surface tension?

Mercury is the liquid with the strongest surface tension.

What is the effect of sodium chloride on the surface tension of water?

The surface tension of water is increased for salted water.Sodium chloride increase the surface tension of water.

What is the relationship between flotation and surface tension?

surface tension relates with flotation in that the stronger the surface tension, the easier an object will float.

How do you break the surface tension?

Adding surfactants the surface tension decrease.

What is the effect of fats on surface tension?

Fats can lower surface tension

Does water have the highest surface tension?

No, mercury has a higher surface tension.

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