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Gems are forms of mineral crystals that either appear in nature or are faceted or shaped by humans.

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Q: Is a gem considered a crystal?
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What is the difference between a crystal than a gem?

A crystal is a gem.

What is a synonym for gem?


What are the names of all minerals in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Blazing Shard, Blazing Stone, Blazing Gem, Blazing Crystal. Frost Shard, Frost Stone, Frost Gem, Frost Crystal. Lightning Shard, Lightning Stone, Lightning Gem, Lightning Crystal. Lucid Shard, Lucid Stone, Lucid Gem, Lucid Crystal. Power Shard, Power Stone, Power Gem, Power Crystal. Dark Shard, Dark Stone, Dark Gem, Dark Crystal. Dense Shard, Dense Stone, Dense Gem, Dense Crystal. Twilight Shard, Twilight Stone, Twilight Gem, Twilight Crystal. Mythril Shard, Mythril Stone, Mythril Gem, Mythril Crystal. Bright Shard, Bright Stone, Bright Gem, Bright Crystal. Energy Shard, Enerfy Stone, Energy Gem, Energy Crystal. Serenity Shard, Serenity Stone, Serenity Gem, Serenity Crystal. Orichalcum, Orichalcum+

What is the gem lavender Is it a quartz or gem or glass or even crystal?

It is a semi-preaous gem stone

Large mineral crystal with brilliant color?


Is gem a rock?

A gem is considered any attractive mineral or rock which when cut and polished, may be used for ornamentation. A gem can be either a mineral or a rock, but most gems are minerals. A rock is an aggregate of many minerals, with no specific structure, while a mineral has a much more ordered atomic structure, with specific physical and chemical properties. A gem is not necessarily a crystal; lapis lazuli is not a mineral or a crystal, yet can still be considered a gem due to its desirable color and traits when polished.

What is the difference between gem crystal?

A gem is a type of mineral crystal that is particularly valued due to its shine and clarity for use in jewelry.

What is the difference between gem and crystal?

A gem is a type of mineral crystal that is particularly valued due to its shine and clarity for use in jewelry.

How do you synthesize the Ultimate Weapon in Kingdom Hearts?

Here are all the items that you will need.Kingdom Hearts:Lucid Gem x5Power Gem x5Thunder Gem x5Mystery Goo x3Gale x3Kingdom Hearts II:Orichalcum+ x13Orichalcum x1Mythril Crystal x1Dense Crystal x1Twilight Crystal x1Serenity Crystal x7

What is the difference between a gem and a crystal?

Gems are crystals which are considered to be particularly lovely and valuable. There are other types of crystals which are not valued as highly.

What is Arkansas's gem stone?

It's state gem is the diamond and its state mineral is the quartz crystal.

What are synonyms of crystal?

Type your answer here... a stone or a gem

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