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Dan Cancino sais he rocks and it is harmful but he rocks.Thank you

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Q: Is aluminum sodium sulfate harmful
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What is the molecular mass of sodium sulfate and aluminum sulfate?

The relative masses of sodium, aluminum and sulfate are 23, 27 and 96 respectively. The RMM of sodium sulfate is 144 grams per mole. That of aluminum sulfate is 273 grams per mole.

Is sodium lauryl sulfate harmful?

sodium lauryl sulfate is harmful since it is carcinogenic, hence, avoid exposure to shampoos everyday since shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate used as a foaming compound

What is the net ionic equation for aluminum sulfate and sodium hydroxide?


What is the reaction when sodium bicarbonate and aluminum sulfate are mixed?


What is the chemical structure of sodium aluminum sulfate?

Sodium aluminium sulfate is a double salt often called soda alum. It is NaAl(SO4)2·12H2O

Is sodium sulfate the same as sodium lauryl sulfate?

No it is not the same. Sodium Sulfate = Na2SO4 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate = NaSO4C12H25

What is the chemical formula for sodium aluminum sulfate?

You will find that AlNa(SO4)2 is the formula for sodium aluminum sulfate. That's its anhydrous form (no water). You usually see it written AlNa(SO4)2 + 12 H2O to include the water that it likes to hang out with.

Differentiate between sodium sulfate and sodium hydrogen sulfate?

Sodium sulfate has the formula Na2SO4 and sodium hydrogen sulfate has the formula NaHSO4.

What is the difference of aluminum sulfide and aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum Sulfide ==> Al2S3 Aluminum Sulfate ==> Al2(SO4)3 Aluminum sulfide is just aluminum and sulfur, while aluminum sulfate is Aluminum plus Sulfate (Polyatomic ion made of sulfur and oxygen)

Are sodium laurel sulfate ans sodium lauryl sulfoacetate the same?

Yes ! Sodium laurel sulfate=Sodium lauryl sulfate=Sodium dodecyl sulfate (CH3(CH2)11OSO3Na). But sodium laureth sulfate is a different compound.

What are the elements for aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum sulfate contains aluminum, oxygen and sulfur.

What is sodium chloride sodium sulfate?

Sodium chloride is NaCl.Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4.

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