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No. It will mix, then after a period of time separate with water at the top.

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Q: Is copper II hydroxide water soluble?
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Is copper soluble in sodium hydroxide?

Metallic copper does not react with sodium hydroxide. But if sodium hydroxide is added into a solution of copper ions, it would form Copper(II) Hydroxide. It is a precipitate which is insoluble in water.

Is copper II nitrate soluble in water?


Is copper II bromide soluble in water?


Is copper(ii) nitrate soluble in water?


Copper II Hydroxide to Copper II Oxide?

CuO which is Copper(II) Oxide so... Cu(OH)2 + heat -----> CuO

Is CuOH2 soluble or insoluble?

CuOH is not the formula of copper hydroxide, it is Cu(OH)2, where the 2 should be a subscript. It is a blue gelatinous solid formed when hydroxide ions are added to solutions of copper salts. It is insoluble, but decomposes in air to copper oxide and water.

What elements is Copper II hydroxide made from?

the chemical formula for copper II hydroxide is Cu(OH)2, so the elements are copper, oxygen and hydrogen.

What is formed when Cobalt 2 chloride reacts with sodium hydroxide?

The insoluble in water copper(II) hydroxide is formed.

What is CuH2?

i believe its copper (II) hydroxide

Is copper II Hydroxide a base?

yesss :)

What is the correct name for the compound with the formula Cu OH 2?

The formula is Cu(OH)2 meaning that there are 2 oxygens and 2 hydrogens, not just 2 hydrogens. The compound is called Copper (II) Hydroxide.

What results from copper II nitrate reacting with sodium hydroxide?

Solutions of copper (II) compounds will undergo precipitation reactions with sodium hydroxide solution when mixed together to produce a bright blue precipitate of copper (II) hydroxide and a solution of a sodium salt.The chemical equations for the reaction between Copper (II) nitrate and Sodium hydroxide are as follows:Cu(NO3)2 (aq) + 2NaOH (aq) → Cu(OH)2 (s) + 2NaNO3 (aq)Copper II nitrate + sodium hydroxide → copper II hydroxide + sodium nitrate