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Q: Many small aquatic organisms move oxygen and carbon dioxide through their skin by the process of?
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Which process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

There are several. The main ones are:PhotosynthesisCarbonate formationDissolution of carbon dioxide into seawater

How did condensation of water vapour form oceans?

The Formation of OceansThe volcanoes on early Earth pumped more and more water vapour into the atmosphere. This caused the atmosphere to change.As the water vapour increased and the temperature of the Earth and its atmosphere continued to fall. This caused water droplets to form in the atmosphere through a process called condensation.As the water droplets increased in size, they eventually fell to the surface of the Earth and accumulated. This was the beginning of the first oceans.The carbon dioxide gas reacted with the accumulated water (dissolution) and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere decreased. Eventually, living organisms appeared in the oceans. The organisms that evolved used the carbon dioxide available in the oceans in different ways. Some of the marine organisms incorporated the carbon dioxide into their shells. When those organisms died their shells accumulated on the floor of the oceans and became carbonate rocks.Other marine organisms began to use carbon dioxide in chemical reactions to produce sugars that they could store for energy and release oxygen into the atmosphere. This process is called photosynthesis. These organisms were the first primitive plants.Thanks!

How does a carbon atom get from the atmosphere to a fossil fuel?

Fossil fuels were at one time living organisms (usually plants). The plants took in carbon dioxide from the air and then release oxygen. The carbon is stored in the plant. When the plant dies, the carbon stays in it, throughout the transformations it goes through to become a fossil fuel. When the fuel is burned, the carbon is release in the burning process, usually in the form of carbon dioxide.

When do organisms go through the mitosis process?

mitosis in sexually reproducing organisms is used for growth into a multicellular organism from the initial zygote. mitosis is also used for repair in response to a wound, etc. mitosis is used in asexually reproducing organisms for reproduction.the whole process

Where do trees use carbon dioxide?

Trees take in carbon dioxide through their leaves. Through the process of photosynthesis they use the energy contained in sunlight to cleave the carbon from the oxygen. The carbon gets fashioned into glucose for the plant to use and the oxygen is released back into the atmosphere.

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Do all organisms go through the process of photosynthesis Why or why not?

yes, because we live off the carbon dioxide the plants give off.

What Do aquatic plants need to go through photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide, water and light.

What process in Darwin book say what organisms evolve through?

Darwin said that organisms evolve through the process of natural selection.

The oxgyen carbon dioxide cycle involves the conversion of oxygen to carbon dioxide and back through living organisms?


Why do terrestrial organisms evolve tolerances to broader temperature ranges than aquatic organisms do?

because water has a more narrow margin of variation through the year

How do organisms develo?

Most organisms develop through a process that starts with the fertilization of an egg

How can you prevent co2 from entering the atmosphere?

from outside the atmosphere? there is no problem regarding that because space is a vacuum. BUT CO2 has already entered our atmosphere. As long as there are organisms that thrive through the process of respiration, you can't eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Even the earth itself releases carbon dioxide without the help of organisms. --- ANSWER: DEPENDS. ^_^

What are tiny single-celled aquatic organisms that make their food through photosynthesis?

Cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae.

Tiny single-celled aquatic organisms that make their food through photosynthesis are called?

phytoplankton for all you PLATO USERS!

How do organisms get energy from sunlight?

through a process called photosynthesis.

What is the process through which prokaryotic organisms reproduce asesually?

Mitosis :)

How do plants obtain carbon?

they obtain carbon by humans and organisms, etc.