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Copper(II) nitrate crystals will began to bubble and melt very quickly. After a short period of time, it will begin to glow, and it will turn green. gas was forming.

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Q: Observation when copper nitrate is heated?
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What happen when the copper II hydroxide and sodium nitrate heated but did not stir?

Copper(II) hydroxide and sodium nitrate are thermally decomposed to oxides by heating.

When Copper Sulphate is heated what is the observation?

When copper sulfate is heated the observation is that it turns white as the water which is driven off by the heat. It is also stated that the white solid will remain and if water is added to the anhydrous copper sulfate a reaction will occur.

When copper ii hydroxide and sodium nitrate is heated?

you make a black precipitate.

When cu and agno3 is heated what colour it gives and why?

It gives green color . Copper is more reactive than silver therefore it displaces silver from silver nitrate and forms silver + copper nitrate

What is the common name for copper nitrate?

copper nitrate is also called as cupric nitrate

What is the chemical formula for CuNO3?

The chemical formula for copper (I) nitrate is CuNO3.

Name of the product of copper and silver nitrate reaction?

copper nitrate :)

Write a complete balanced equation for solid copper II nitrate is heated to produce solid copper II oxide?

2Cu(NO3)2 = 2CuO +4NO2 +O2

What is the name of the ionic compound Cu(NO3)2?

This compound is copper(II) nitrate.

How could you react silver nitrate and copper?

By dissolving the silver nitrate in water, then stirring finely divided copper into the water. The copper will displace silver from the silver nitrate as a solid and form copper nitrate in the solution.

Formula for copper nitrate?

There are two forms of copper nitrate. Copper (I) nitrate is CuNO3 Copper (II) nitrate is Cu(NO3)2

How do you balance the equation silver nitrate plus copper metal equals silver metal plus copper nitrate?

If the copper nitrate formed is copper (I) nitrate, the equation balances with one atom of each metal and one formula weight of each nitrate. If the copper nitrate formed is copper (II) nitrate, the balanced equation is: 2 AgNO3 + Cu -> 2 Ag + Cu(NO3)2.