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Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to survive in a particular location. Animals that are adapted to life in the rainforest must be able to handle a lot of rainfall in an area with a tremendous amount of plants. They should be able to eat foods no other animal could and they are adapted to handle very warm temperatures.

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the adaptions that the tropical rain forest animals have to have to survive is the neck length etc.

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they have to adapt to lots of rain and wet livin conditions.

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Spider monkeys have learned how to live in trees and they rarely come down

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Q: What adaptations do tropical rainforest animals have to survive?
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Why would a Tawny Milkcap Mushroom not survive in a Tropical Rainforest?

the weather isn't right. it needs the certain plants around it.

How have animals adapted to survive in the Amazon rainforest?

Rainforst animals survive much like we do. They eat billions of insects a day, they eat some plants, some fruits and other vegetables. Whatever they want to eat, they can pick and choose They usually build homes whether it be a bird making a nest or just a hole in a log, but the animals try to keep protected from the rain and to stay drive by making or using an existing shelter. There is enough water for them to drink. Probably the most important way they survive is by not being eaten by other bugs. Some of the bugs have fake eyes to fool the predators. Some of the bugs spray poison. Some bugs sting, like bees.

How does the rain forest help animals survive?

Many animals are adapted to living in the rainforest and the environment in it. This is their natural habitat. The rainforest's resources provide animals with food, water and a shelter. Without the rainforests, many animals will lose their homes and die out because of unability to adapt to other environments or habitats :p hope its okay LeX

What are the plants adaptation in the rainforest biome?

Some adaptations include trees with thin, smooth bark. They don't need thick bark to keep them from drying out because the rainforest is so wet. Trees often have buttresses, large branching ridges near the base, for support because their roots are often shallow and they grow tall to reach the sunlight. Many plants in the rainforests have adapted leaf shapes that help water drip off the plant to avoid too much moisture, which might make bacteria and fungus grow. Source: Orchids have adapted to sunlight and no wet soil The rainforest has a plant growth type which is vertical, meaning trees grow to great heights. Some plants (orchids, are a good example), have adapted to this by being arboreal (that is, they attach to trees in order to get more sunlight, since the tall trees do not allow much sunlight to reach the ground).

How are the tropical rain-forest and mixed-forest ecosystems alike and different?

tropical rain-forests ecosystems are forests that have alot of animas living there and the animals are the organisms that live in a tropical rain forest help them survive in a warm, rainy climate all year long. mixed forest are homes to many type of trees and some animals. both of them are the same because they (forests) have animals and trees

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How do animals survive in the tropical rainforest?

they use water and sunlight

How do animals survive in tropical rainforest?

They own Pizza shops

What adaptations would allow a lion to live in the tropical rainforest?

Its size; it might seem intimidating to other animals it is surrounded with. Its natural ability to hunt; it will go to great lengths to get food so it would be able to survive.

What adaptations help a spider survive in a rainforest?

its colour

Where is there a random forest or woods to go survive in?

South America has a great forest to go survive in! It's called the tropical rainforest, and there are no dangerous animals at all!

What adaptations do plants in the rainforest need to survive?

they need to adaped to the rain and shad

What does the rainforest need to survive?

rain animals

Why do the people hunt the animals in the rainforest?

to survive

What helps animals survive in their environment?


Can you use adaptations in a sentence?

animals go through adaptations to survive in the habitat

What are adaptations that helps sloths survive in the rainforest's?

green alga grows on it and that makes it camouflage.

What kind of adaptations can help animals survive?