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one thing is coal

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Q: What are natural resources that are used to produced energy?
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What are some natural resources that are produced and used in MD?


What are some natural resources that are produced and used locally in MD?


How are natural resources uesd?

Natural resources are used mainly to make energy and products. Most natural resources are burned to create electricity while others are used to make products.

What Australian natural resources used to produce energy?

Mostly coal

How does solar energy save natural resources?

Solar energy created electricity from sunlight. There are no resources used from the planet (apart from the materials used to make the panels).

What is the word for energy resources that cannot be refused after the are used?

Energy resources that can not be replaced are known as non-renewable. Coal, natural gas, and crude oil are three examples of resources of energy that once used, have gone for good.

Are hot springs natural resources?

The short answer: not really. Read on: Resources are things that we use for energy. We do not typically use hot springs as energy, but they have been used. The steam has been used as energy.

What are the natural resources that humans use to generate energy called?

The natural resources include sun, wind , water , tide. these can be used to generate electricity.

What are two valuable natural resources used for energy in southwest Asia?

Petroleum(oil) and Natural gas are two.

Renewable energy comes from natural resources that can be used up What are two kinds of renewable energy?

Your question is not correct. Renewable energy comes from natural resources that are NOT used up. That's why it is called renewable.Two kinds of renewable energy that can be captured to generate electricity are:solar powerwind power.

What natural resources are used to supply energy?

Fossil fuel, the wind, the Sun, hydro and biomass

What energy sources can be used to help conserve fossil fuel?

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