What are some facts about marble?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Marble, a metamorphic rock used in decorating and architecture, is found in the United States and some Mediterranean countries in Europe. Marble is mined from the ground.

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Q: What are some facts about marble?
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What are facts about the marble rock?

Marble rock starts out as limestone. It undergoes heat and pressure. That turns it to marble.

What are interesting facts about Marble?

marbles have been used for sculpting

Facts on the marble arch caves in co fermanagh?

marble arch caves are really interesting to see and there is 150 steps to climb

What are facts about marble arch caves?

it was the first international global Geo-park

How good are marble from Spain?

Italy produces some of the best Marble in the world.

What are facts about marble?

Marble is a rock composed of calcite, a crystalline form of calcium carbonate. The word marble is from the Greek and refers to the shining, sparkling appearance of the stone. Many of the world's most famous sculptures are made of the prized white marbles, which are relatively soft and uniform in composition. Ground marble is used in products such as some papers and paints and in toothpaste (listed as calcium carbonate). Marble is porous; if untreated, oils will stain it easily. Its finish can also be damaged by acids.marbles have been used for sculpting

How does a base such as bleach affect marble?

If you use bleach on marble it may etch it. Some marble can handle bleach or cleaning products with bleach in them.

What kind of marble did michelangelo use to sculpt david?

Yes he did. Some claim he chose the slabs of marble he wanted at the quarry.

Marble is a type of - rock?

Marble is a metamorphic rock. It is formed from the metamorphism (recrystallization) of limestone or dolomite rock. From Ftmmachinery's passage about marble facts (blog/what-is-marble-rock.html), I know: Under the intense heat and pressure deep within the Earth's crust, the minerals in the limestone or dolomite undergo a process of transformation, resulting in the formation of marble. This process causes the original minerals to recrystallize, creating the characteristic crystalline structure and unique patterns and colors found in marble.

What are some characteristics of marble?

Hard and stoney. :)

What are some famous marble statues?


What does the rock marble look like?

Marble is quiet variable in color and some places in the world it is optically clear. Other stocks can be sugar white. Suggest you do an image search for marble to get some ideas.' 'One note: The famous Tennessee marble is not technically marble but crystallized limestone. The give-a-way is that fossils may still be found in the Tennessee marble. By definition marble must have been wholly and completely metamorphosed such that nothing of the original rock fabric remains.