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When sewage is not disposed of properly, it can lead to sickness, disease, and death. It may contaminate the water, food, and anything else it comes in contact with.

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that are the effects of water pollution on man an his environment

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Q: What are the effects of water pollution on man and his environment?
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How does the environment effects the man?

The environment effect man, through the pollution that is been made by him .

What are the effects of man on ecosystem?


Is water pollution a Man-Made disaster?

yes water pollution is a MAN-MADE DISASTER.

Short paragraph on pollution?

Pollution is nothing but "too much of something at wrong place" and environmental pollution is generally defined as the unfavorable alternations of our surroundings through the various actions of man himself. The undesirable and excessive substances that are released As., the by-products of man's actions, can affect air, water and land and adversely and alter the natural quality of our environment. Substances that are responsible for the alternations of environment are called pollutants and the total chain of actions as "environmental pollution". Hence it is nobody else than man himself is the real cause of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution can be well understood if we study its sources and effects. There are pollutions of air, water, soil, noise and radioactive wastes. The study of each type will give the real picture.

What is it called when people contaminate the environment with man made waste?


What are the portions for evs 11th common exam?

Man and environment Environment and development Environmental pollution Energy

What are effect of man on ecosystem?

The effects of man are: These are the bad things: -Deforestation -Leaching of soil -Water Pollution -Air Pollution -Increasing the process of the carbon cycle -Extinction of many species -Habitat loss -Pesticides -and many more These are the good things: -

Where does water pollution happens?

water pollution is when water is polluted by man made or natural toxins

What negative effect has man had on the environment?

Pollution,cutting down trees, killing animals.

What types of pollution are there?

Secondary pollutants. Secondary pollutants are pollutants caused by man. Which consider smog, chemical pollution,ect.. Primary pollutants. primary pollutants are pollutants that are caused by nature. Volcano's eruptions etc. pollution can be caused in the air water sound and any where in the environment

What has the author Rohit Mathur written?

Rohit Mathur has written: 'Advanced modeling techniques to study anthropogenic influences on atmospheric chemical budgets' -- subject(s): Air pollution, Atmospheric models, Energy budgets, Environment effects, Man environment interactions, Physical Chemistry

What are effect of ozone layer on man and environment?

Ozone layer has pretty good effects on man and environment. It protects us from the ever harming UV's.