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Human and Natural causes

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Q: What are the two main categories of factors causing climate change?
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What natural factors do scientists think might be causing climate change?

There are no natural factors that scientists think are causing the present climate change. It is now clear that global warming is caused by deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

Identify the factors causing change in the community and the impacts this change has on the community?

um like increase in population and climate change ? idk ahhaha sorry :L

What are climate changes linked to?

Global warming is causing climate change.

Why did climate change all over the world?

Global warming is causing climate change, and it is happening all over the world.

What activities are causing climate change?

Deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels(coal, oil and natural gas) are causing global warming, that is, an increase in temperature all over the earth.This increase in temperature is causing climate change.

What is climate change and what kinds of energy are blamed for causing it?

climate change is a huge subject. one of the branches are global warming which is the rise in the temperature of the earth. the humans are what need to be blamed for it we are causing it

What are the change in atmosphere that relate to the climate change?

It is the increase in the levels of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane that are causing more heat to be retained in the atmosphere. This extra heat is global warming, and this is causing climate change.

What has always caused climate change?

climate is caused by the interplay of many factors.

Is climate change a rise in the temperature of the earth?

No, global warming is a rise in the temperature of the earth. Global warming is causing climate change.

How has climate change affected Alaskan natives?

The climate change in Alaska is causing the amount of animal habitats to decline, forcing Alaskan hunters to find and alternate food source. The change in climate is also causing erosion damage to houses in some areas of Alaska.

What are the factors affect competition?

climate change and disease

What is the increase of co2 causing?

The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing global warming and climate change.