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What fossil records tell about seedless plants that lived on earth long ago?

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Fossil records tell that they were exotic and vascular.

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What fossil records tell about seedless plants that lived on earth long ago?

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Q: What fossil records tell about seedless plant that lived on earth long ago?
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Why is the fossil record unable to provide a full portrait of the times in which the fossilized animals and plants lived?

The fossil record is incomplete.

What is a leading theory for the formation of fossil fuels?

Organic matter was compressed and heated

How do geologists use the location of a fossil to determine its possible age?

Fossils record the history of changes to life on Earth. All theinformation we have from fossils is called the FOSSIL RECORDThe fossil record is important because it shows what types of animalsand plants lived on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Thefossil record also shows how life has changed over time. If you look atexposed layers of sedimentary rock from bottom to top, the fossils arelike a series of snapshots of how life has changed on Earth, from thedistant past near the bottom to more recent times near the top.

What type of fossil fuel made from the remains of ancient plants that lived millions of years ago is?


How does fossil fuels affect the climate?

Fossil remains originate from plants and animals that lived over 300 million years ago. Over time, these remains settled into coal, oil and gas deposits beneath the earth's surface, according to the University of Michigan. The energy contained inside these materials can be harnessed and used as fuel. In modern-day society, fossil fuels are a primary source for powering electrical plants and motorized devices. Unfortunately, these fuel sources are non-renewable and result in gaseous emissions that can potentially harm the earth's climate

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What is the connection between coal and seedless vascular plants?

For humans, some of the most important seedless vascular plants lived and died about 300 million years ago. The remains of these ancient ferns, horsetails, and club mosses formed coal, a fossil fuel that we now extract from the Earth's crust.

Are fossils records complete or incomplete?

Fossil records are not complete. By some estimates, less than 1% of organisms that have lived appear in the fossil record.

The remains or evidence of any creature that once lived on the earth?

a fossil

Where do megaladons live?

according to fossil records, megalodon fossils are found all over the world, back when it lived, megalodons lived in warm water

How do we know that people lived 1000 years ago?

Two words... fossil records. There are fossils all over the planet - which can be electronically 'dated' - showing that people have lived for thousands of years.

What is the sequence of lifes history as indicated by fossils?

the answer would be the fossil records. they show the "past life" of all the organisms that lived and are now fosssils. -Megan(:

What is the relationship between coal and seedless plants?

Coal is formed from the remains of ancient plants, including seedless plants like ferns and mosses, that accumulated over millions of years and underwent a process of decomposition and compression. These plants contributed to the formation of coal deposits through their organic matter, making coal a fossil fuel derived from ancient plant material.

Fossil evidence indicates that the earliest bacteria on Earth lived about how many years ago?

3.5 to 4 billion years

The remains of a once living thing?

Fossils are the remains of plants and animals that have been turned to stone.

Is coal petroleum?

No, coal is not petroleum. Coal is a solid fossil fuel formed from the remains of plants that lived millions of years ago, while petroleum is a liquid fossil fuel derived from oil deposits deep within the earth.

What word refers to traces of an organism that existed in the past?

A fossil is a trace of an organism that lived long ago.

Is a woolly mammoth a living fossil?

No. A living fossil is a type of organism that has lived on earth for a very long time and has changed little through evolution. Mammoths are not living fossils because they are extinct and did not exist for a particularly long time.