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The electron is transferred to chlorine.

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Q: What happens to sodiums valence electron when sodium bonds with chlorine to form table salt?
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What happens when a chlorine atom gains an electron in its valence shell?

It becomes an ion.

Number of valence electron of chlorine?

There are 7 valence electrons in chlorine.

How many valence electron does chlorine?

The element chlorine has seven electrons in its valence shell.

Is the correct valence electron for chlorine 7?

yes, chlorine has 7 valence electrons

What is the valence number of electron in chlorine?


Why does the transfer of an electron occur between a sodium atom and a chlorine atom?

Chlorine is extremely electronegative and will steal electrons from the valence shell of sodium. When chlorine steals the electron, both sodium and chlorine have full valence shells.

When sodium and chlorine react the outermost electron of the sodium atom is?

Valence electron - Sodium loses one electron to form a sodium ion (valence of 1).

Will chlorine gain an electron?

Chlorine atoms have 7 outermost electrons and need to gain an electron to achieve the stability of a full valence shell.

What is the valence shell for chlorine?

There are 7 electrons on the valence shell. Chlorine requires one electron to make it complete and the ion would therefore be Cl- (one minus charge)

How many electrons does chlorine need to have a full outer shell?

1 additional electron will give chlorine 8 in the valence. You can see in the Periodic table, that Chlorine is next to Argon ( 1 to the left of it) so it needs 1 more electron to have the same configuration as Argon.

What does chlorine become when it gains one valence electron?

A negatively charged "ion".

What kind of ions do a sodium atom and a chlorine atom become when a valence electron is transferred from one to the other?

when sodium valence electron is transferred to chlorine , both atoms become ions . the sodium atom becomes a positive ion . the chlorine atom becomes a negative ion .